A new Liberty Tree

01 Oct

You’re probably familiar with the stories of the Liberty Tree, a tree in Boston that early patriots would gather around to discuss the matters of the day during the colonial era. The tree eventually became one of the symbols of the American Revolution. George Washington used the tree on his fleet of private ships known as the Washington Cruisers. The Cruisers flag also had the message “An Appeal To Heaven”. It was Washington’s belief that the cause of American independence was just and even though outnumbered and facing the world’s greatest force he felt with having God on their side that they would prevail. So much so he was prepared to take on the entire British fleet with his six small ships – thus the Liberty Tree flag and it’s message for divine intervention. This story has always struck a chord with me. I think now it’s more important than ever to look at stories like this one.

There’s another story of Washington that we all know well. It’s the story of George as a young boy chopping down his father’s cherry tree. As the legend goes when confronted by his angry father, George says the words, “Father I can not tell a lie. It was I who chopped down the tree.” This is entirely legend put into school books some years later. With so many great things to learn about Washington that are true, why do we still hold onto this one myth about the man?

I decided for this time leading up to the election we could use a new symbol, one inspired by Washington, and takes his lead from the crisis of his day. I present to you my new Liberty Tree. It takes the image of the cherry tree with Washington’s “An Appeal To Heaven” message. I’ve also included a passage from Jeremiah at the bottom to remind us to be truthful, and to hold our candidates and leaders to the same standard.

The Benson Liberty Tree. A cherry tree inspired by George Washington and the Liberty Tree on the Washington Cruisers Flag.


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